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At JINAG, we make it our mission to break down barriers and demonstrate that overcoming obstacles is possible. Individuals with disabilities often encounter challenges and restrictions imposed by public administration. One significant area posing a potential barrier for people with disabilities is the digital world we currently inhabit. Hence, we have chosen to center this project around digital accessibility.Our goal is to promote inclusivity and equal opportunities for everyone, with a particular emphasis on ensuring equal access to information. This commitment led us to initiate the process with our own website, which underwent analysis by individuals with sensory disabilities.

Digital web accessibility Digital web accessibility


Digital accessibility offers benefits to all users, irrespective of their disabilities. For some, the ability to use websites and social networks effectively is crucial and necessary, while for others, it may represent a means of simplifying or expediting work. We acknowledge that information should be equally accessible to everyone.


We aim to make our website digitally accessible for people with sensory disabilities.


The Teiresiás Centre, affiliated with Masaryk University, conducted an analysis of our website. Individuals with visual impairments carried out the analysis, providing feedback based on their personal experiences and expertise. Various commonly used assistive technologies were employed in this evaluation. Thanks to this valuable feedback, we now have insights into the areas that require modification to ensure the accessibility of our website for everyone.

What does this mean for people?

An accessible website will make information available to all equally. People with disabilities will not encounter the barriers that they do, and the interpretation of messages on the web will not be compromised.

Current progress

We are currently in the process of implementing the recommendations provided by Teiresias on our website. However, additional steps are required, specifically the development of the principles for digital accessibility of the website. Adhering to specific accessibility principles will enhance the user experience for all visitors to the site. 

Project name Digital web accessibility
Grant provider Jihomoravský kraj
Project coordinator JINAG
Implementation period 02/2023-02/2024


Responsible for this project


Services Team Leader

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