Assistive technologies in the South Moravian Region

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Assistive technology encompasses various monitoring devices, SOS buttons, and sensors that facilitate the ability of seniors and individuals with disabilities to live safely at home. These technologies offer numerous advantages, including enhancing the availability of care and support within the home environment and improving the efficiency and appeal of public services. In essence, they not only make daily life more manageable for users but also enhance the effectiveness of caregivers in social and health services.

Assistive technologies in the South Moravian Region Assistive technologies in the South Moravian Region


Many seniors and individuals with disabilities have specific needs that hinder their independence and self-sufficiency. Assistive technology plays a crucial role in supporting and meeting these needs. It contributes to enhancing people's self-sufficiency and independence in daily life, thereby improving their overall quality of life.


At JINAG, our goal is to expand assistive technologies into the social and health services of the South Moravian Region, easing the lives of seniors and individuals with disabilities in their home environments, and supporting services that facilitate home-based living. We aim for assistive technologies to be accessible in the South Moravian Region, ensuring that both individuals and caregiving organizations are aware of them and incorporate them into their practices.


We stay abreast of current trends, research, and development in the field of assistive technologies both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Drawing inspiration from successful practices, we aim to bring examples of excellence to the South Moravian Region. Through our participation in international consortia, we can introduce innovations to the region. Our efforts in raising awareness also involve informing about available technologies and ensuring their accessibility.

What does this mean for people?

Citizens in the South Moravian Region will gain an understanding of assistive technologies, knowing their purposes, how they can aid those in need, and where these technologies are available. The integration of modern technologies will become a standard component of the social and health care provided.

Current progress

We are currently preparing everything.

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