Where the sun don't go, AI can come

18. 09. 2023
Author: Petra Balga

Where the sun don't go, AI can come

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly finding its way into all fields of human activity - and healthcare is certainly no exception. 

In what, you ask?

For example, AI is improving diagnosis and treatment by analyzing clinical data. This makes diagnoses and treatments faster and more accurate. AI also supports personalised medicine - imagine AI studying your genetic data and medical history and designing a personalised treatment plan. This will, among other things, lead to minimizing the side effects of treatment. These days, then, the topic of overworking doctors is a hot topic. Some of them serve shifts for two or even three days straight, which can lead to micro-sleep in the operating room and burnout. In this regard, AI will help medical facility staff with administrative tasks. This will give doctors more time to work with patients - or to rest.

Artificial Intelligence is not new to us at JINAG - after all, our 2022 annual report was created in cooperation with AI and actively uses this phenomenon

Now we have taken another big step in this field and, together with the South Moravian Region and Brno AI, organised a meeting of South Moravian hospitals and start-ups working in the field of AI. "Technologies like AI will inevitably reshape the world as we know it. At JINAG, we are convinced that the institutions of the South Moravian Region must not miss the train in this direction. Smart healthcare is one of JINAG's domains," commented our director Patrik Reichl on the meeting, which was complemented by networking and discussion. He spoke at the September event at KUMST alongside dozens of innovative start-ups from our region:

Záchranka is an app to save lives - with the touch of a button on a mobile phone, even without a signal.

Aiviro  uses AI to increase efficiency and automate routine computer work - for example, in healthcare.
Scicake  is working on a system for diagnosing dysarthria (a motor speech disorder) and follow-up therapy using AI.
Maia Labs  is using an endoscopic AI assistant to speed up medical exams.
Datlowe, among others, is fighting infections in healthcare through AI.
SensCare  is helping with patient monitoring and senior safety.
Galeniois breaking down language barriers between foreigners and our doctors with automated translations.
Whalebone provides cybersecurity without the need for downloads.
RuneCast  uses AI in text generation and data analysis.
The Institute of Biostatistics and Analytics provides solutions for data collection in clinical research.

Among the health care institutions participating in the event were the Masaryk Institute of Oncology, the South Moravian Region Emergency Medical Service, Břeclav Hospital, TGM Hodonín Hospital, Znojmo Hospital, Ivančice Hospital and Letovice Hospital."We are proud of how much is happening in our region and that as JINAG we can co-create this ecosystem. Mapping the needs of our hospitals and connecting them with local innovators is crucial for us," added Petra Balga, Deputy Director of our agency.