We are looking for innovative projects

02. 08. 2023
Author: Petra Balga

We are looking for innovative projects

Are you planning a strategic project with innovation potential focusing on climate change, energy, mobility, social and health services? Are you a public entity from the South Moravian Region and does your project have an impact in the South Moravian Region? Don't hesitate to apply for funding for project preparation! The call Smart Accelerator in the South Moravian Region III - Assistance - Support for local governments and their established organizations is here for you.


The South Moravian Region in cooperation with the JINAG agency supports innovation in public administration. All terms and conditions of the Call are available at this link.

The Objective of the Call

The aim of the Call is to strengthen the region's capacity to implement the Regional Innovation Strategy of the South Moravian Region. The intention is to accelerate the development of the innovation ecosystem in the South Moravian Region, to streamline organisational structures and key processes, and strengthen competencies for the development of research, development, and innovative entrepreneurship in cooperation with public administration. The call supports the preparation of strategic projects.

What projects we are looking for

Projects that are ambitious, and capable of bringing about a significant qualitative change in the region through their impact, require demanding preparation and coordination. Projects must respond to global challenges, and societal changes, specifically in the areas of sustainability and adaptation to climate change, digitisation of public services, ageing and population health. The international dimension of projects and the development of partnerships across sectors is seen as an advantage.

It is expected that these will be mainly projects that will strengthen the ability of public administration to apply new solutions in public space and respond to global challenges, e.g. in the field of energy, mobility, waste utilization, adaptation measures to climate change, digitalization of processes, modernization of social and health services in relation to demographic development, the New European Bauhaus initiative. Preference is given to projects of an innovative or pilot nature (i.e. going beyond solutions commonly used in the region) with the possibility of their replication in other places in the South Moravian Region. These may be e.g. preparatory projects for LIFE, Interreg, Horizon Europe or for some of the more important national calls of the Czech Ministry of Regional Development, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs or Ministry of Industry and Trade. Projects must have a positive impact on the lives of citizens in the South Moravian Region and at the same time aim at climate resilience and neutrality, improvement of public services through digitisation and projects aimed at improving the preparedness of society for demographic ageing and the sustainability and quality of health services and care. The projects open up opportunities for strategic partnerships across sectors (e.g. with innovative companies, research organisations, NGOs).

Who can apply

a) a municipality located in the territory of the South Moravian Region,

b) a voluntary association of municipalities registered in accordance with Act No 128/2000 Coll., on Municipalities (Municipal Establishment), as amended, whose seat is located in the territorial area of the South Moravian Region,

(c) a local action group, the majority of whose territory is located in the South Moravian Region.

d) contributory organisations established by a region, a territorial self-government unit or a voluntary association of municipalities in the territorial district of the South Moravian Region,

e) other legal entity established by a municipality, region, association or MAS

Further information

Project Location: all project activities must have an impact on the territory of the South Moravian Region.

Opening date for receipt of applications: 21 August 2023 from 10 a.m. in paper and electronic versions

Closing date for receipt of applications: 30 November 2023 at 1 p.m. in paper and electronic versions

Project start date: 1 January 2023

Project closure by: 30 April 2025

Duration of the project: 3 - 15 months

Total financial allocation for the call: CZK 6 000 000

Maximum amount per project: CZK 1 200 000

Minimum amount per project: CZK 250 000

Co-financing: 80%