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Busy roads, a lack of parking space or insufficient road markings on the road - all of these can make parents and children uncomfortable on the way to school.

Are you wondering how to make sure your children get to school safely and without worrying about them? At JINAG, we are building on the Safe Routes to School project and extending it to South Moravia. In cooperation with the organisation Walking through the city, we have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to launch this pilot project.

Safely to Schools Safely to Schools


Children are one of the most vulnerable groups on the road. This is because of their age, size and ignorance of the risks in traffic. In some towns and cities, the journey to school can be difficult for children and parents if they face adverse traffic conditions.


We try to provide safe transport to schools for children. But we also educate them, teach them how to assess traffic situations and make them aware of the possible risks on the road. We also introduce them to more sustainable ways of getting to school, such as walking, cycling and scootering. In addition to children and their parents, we involve local authorities and traffic police in our activities. At JINAG, we believe that improving children's safety should be a shared goal not only for parents but also for the wider community - schools, local authorities and politicians.


We involve the children themselves in the process of ensuring safety by mapping and evaluating traffic situations together with their parents. In this way, children become aware of how dangerous situations can be when travelling to school. The results of the mapping serve as the basis for a traffic study, which contributes to reducing traffic risks in the area.

What does this mean for people?

Not only do we contribute to improving the traffic situation in the mapped area with a traffic study, but we involve all relevant people in the process. In addition, the children gain further education and knowledge from traffic education.

Current progress

The project is currently in the pilot phase. We have finished mapping the roads with children from the Primary School, Kindergarten and Practical School Boskovice.

Project name Bezpečně do škol
Grant Provider Jihomoravský kraj
Project coordinator Jihomoravská agentura pro veřejné inovace JINAG
Implementation period 02-2023/02-2024

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Domain Specialist for Mobility