Progress?  Yes - step by step, step by step, ... "Gabriel Laub"

17. 04. 2024
Author: Zuzana Novotná

Progress? Yes - step by step, step by step, ... "Gabriel Laub"

On Tuesday, the 2nd. meeting of the JINAG Expert Platform for Participation, where we welcomed the First Deputy Governor of the South Moravian Region Lukáš Dubec, Brno City Councillor for Participation Petr Bořecký, Deputy Mayor of Kyjov Daniel Čmelík, Wojciech Belch from the Participatory Planning and Design Laboratory UCEEB, Institute of CTU, coordinator of the Brno - Healthy City project Ladislava Fiedlerová, Michal Truhlář for the South Moravian Council of Children and Youth and the Czech Council of Children and Youth, Štěpán Konečný and Jan Uherek for the students of the South Moravian Region, students of the Secondary Polytechnic School Kyjov and the presidents of the student parliament.

What we have achieved in numbers since the first meeting in June 2023:

  • 11 events (workshops, conferences, round tables, seminars, ...)
  • 544 stakeholders from different areas involved
  • 16 participation in conferences, 5 of them as speakers

We have started cooperation with target groups:

  • Healthy South Moravian Region
  • Regional Authority
    • indoor - inter-institutional communication and cooperation
    • outdoor - public policy making and public services
  • Region
    • municipality
    • 3rd sector, non-profit
    • pupils and youth

We have launched new projects:

  • Promoting field care in education - expanding the overview and awareness of the possibilities of social and health care students in different fields of field care through professional practice.
  • Infopoints - contact and support points in the South Moravian Region to connect the third sector
  • Community planning "KPSS" - pilot project in Moravské Krumlov - identification and verification of weak points in the process of KPSS development from the perspective of municipalities
  • Don't Throw in the Rye - roadshow through the peripheries of the South Moravian Region, meetings with associations, civic organizations, NGOs and active citizens
  • Association Day - meeting of representatives of associations and groups involved in the development of life in the region
  • Improve your school - participatory budgeting in secondary schools in the South Moravian Region

Informed what is ahead:

  • EVVO Forum: creativity for the environment
  • 2nd Association Day
  • IDEATHON of pupil parliaments
  • URBIS 2024

We discussed ways to raise awareness of opportunities for participation and support for the region and the county. The aim is to increase confidence and motivate the third sector that it is possible to create a home beyond the door of your apartment or house and beyond discussions on social networks.

Real change and community empowerment happens on the ground, through concrete actions and activities that deliver real results. This can include attending community events, volunteering for local schools or charities, or getting involved in local politics and public life. It is equally important for community leaders to understand why it is important to engage with citizens.

How to involve citizens in the village or region? When is participation appropriate and when is it not? Do you need advice? Contact our agency. Or sign up for our PARTICaffé education and training programme. You can register here -