Press release: Wise Network and JINAG agency will help seniors with modern technologies

04. 04. 2024
Author: Zuzana Novotná

Press release: Wise Network and JINAG agency will help seniors with modern technologies

The South Moravian Agency for Public Innovation JINAG together with the Wise Network platform will connect seniors with digital assistants. As part of the "Digital Assistants Network" project, which aims to help seniors use smart devices, a series of educational events on the use of modern technologies will take place in April and May and internet safety.

The first meetings took place on 4 April in Žabovřesky and Lesná in Brno. Seniors will also be able to take advantage of counselling on 23 April as part of the Health Day in Slavkov u Brna. Students will help seniors to use modern technologies correctly and safely On 24 April in Moravské Krumlov and on 25 April in Brno, a lecture will be held On Internet safety. Seniors can also get help individually by visiting a digital assistant in person or through remote IT assistance. The service is free of charge for people over 60.

"It is increasingly important for seniors to be able to navigate in the digital world. That's why we have joined forces with the Wise Network to support older people in using modern technology through a network of digital assistants. It can make it easier for them to communicate with their loved ones, access information and services or even work," said Eva Nečasová from the JINAG agency.

The aim of the South Moravian Agency for Public Innovation JINAG is to promote innovation and development of towns and municipalities in the South Moravian Region. It focuses on providing know-how, methodological support and consultation to public institutions and organisations so that they can more effectively address challenges and innovate their services and processes. JINAG's domains are participation and support for civil society, health, energy and climate protection, digitalisation and social services. Within the framework of the project, JINAG connects the Wise Network platform with entities of the South Moravian Region such as schools, municipalities, local action groups, senior points or social services.

The Wise Network is an innovative platform that focuses on helping seniors use digital devices and services through digital assistants. The digital assistants are volunteers mainly from among students of secondary and higher vocational schools, high schools, colleges and universities. Anyone can become a digital assistant, even seniors themselves. The help consists, for example, in selecting, installing or setting up equipment and solving technical problems that the senior is not familiar with. This gives seniors the opportunity to get involved in the digital world, and digital assistants develop not only technical skills but also communication skills, emotional intelligence and a patient approach to older people.

"Feedback from seniors confirms that they feel more confident thanks to the Wise Network when using modern technology.They are very grateful for the care and support that the digital assistants give them. We also have feedback from digital assistants who get a good feeling from the fact that what they know and are completely natural at doing helps someone so much. There's a unique intergenerational bonding that happens in the meetings, a change of perspective the older and younger generation in a positive direction," said Mirka Hubálková from the Wise Network.

Those interested can also use the map of digital assistants, which is published on the Moudré Sítě website. There are also libraries that serve as meeting places and other cooperating organisations and schools. The project is sponsored by the Wise Owl Association, with financial support from and the Vodafone Foundation.

Contact person:

Eva Nečasová

Domain Specialist for Social and Health Services, JINAG Agency

tel.: 773 252 377