PRESS RELEASE: Discover the power of data with CoolRegion. Data as an effective tool to tackle the effects of climate change

04. 06. 2024
Author: Zuzana Novotná

PRESS RELEASE: Discover the power of data with CoolRegion. Data as an effective tool to tackle the effects of climate change

The JINAG agency has launched a new data portal CoolRegion, which brings data on the development of the environment of the South Moravian Region and inspiration in one place. The portal serves as a central repository and signpost for data from various sources, including regional data, statistics and open data. The aim is to facilitate access to scientifically validated information and support informed decision-making at all levels, from the region and municipalities to the general public.

"The South Moravian Region must adapt to the new conditions. That is why we have announced a subsidy programme Support for adaptation measures to climate change for the years 2021-2024. So far, we have approved the allocation of a total amount of almost 10 million for more than 120 applicants. And the CoolRegion portal will now be a tool for quickly obtaining data such as temperature heights, rainfall frequency, etc. This will provide you with everything you need to plan blue-green infrastructure strategies and projects in one place," said Deputy Governor for Regional Development Jan Zámečník.

The use of data work is also highlighted by the European Data Strategy. With the new portal, the public sector will have the data it needs in one place and will not make many important decisions without a scientifically sound basis. The potential of the data portal also lies in its use by professionals and students who can use the data for research and analysis. It will be used 
also with the general public who are interested in what is happening in the South Moravian Region and want to actively participate in its development. The data can form the basis for, for example, map making, public involvement in participatory planning, sharing data on social networks and creating reports. The portal also makes available in a clear form the data resulting from the work of the academic sector in the South Moravian Region. This includes cooperation with CzechGlobe (Institute of Global Change Research of the CAS), Masaryk University, Mendel University, the University of 
Brno and Brno University of Technology. 

The project was implemented by the South Moravian Agency for Public Innovations JINAG, whose aim is to support innovation and development of towns and municipalities in the South Moravian Region. "Data plays 
in the decision-making process of cities and municipalities. Having enough quality data is the basis for making decisions on how to face the consequences of climate change," said Patrik Reichl, the agency's director. "Municipalities can, for example, check the suitability of their territory in terms of 'wind maps' when negotiating with investors to locate wind farms or determine the noise pollution caused by transport infrastructure. All this is essential for effective municipal development planning," added Patrik Reichl.

The data formats are user-friendly and include eye-catching infographics, evaluated statistics, annual reports and a data catalogue in open data format.

"On the CoolRegion website it is also possible to enter planned development projects for municipalities, towns 
or region. Thanks to these overviews, it will then be possible to set the subsidy policy for the actual requirements," added Petra Balga, Deputy Director for Operations and Strategy at JINAG.
"Thanks to the registration of plans in the regional database, contracting authorities can obtain information on project financing, relevant calls and their announcement dates," Petra Balga emphasised other advantages of the portal.

The CoolRegion data portal can be found on the website The website is optimised also for mobile phones.