Platform for presentation and testing of Smart city solutions

25. 03. 2024
Author: David Štěpán

Platform for presentation and testing of Smart city solutions

We have been working on public innovation for some time. So we decided to put all our theories and ideas into practice. Together with the South Moravian Innovation Centre (JIC) and the Brno Exhibition Centre (BVV), we plan to create a unique platform for presenting and testing Smart City solutions and technologies, which will be created inside the Brno fairgrounds. We confirmed our plans on March 1st 2024 by signing a Memorandum of Cooperation. The Memorandum was signed by JINAG Director Patrik Reichl, BVV CEO Jan Kubata and JIC Director Petr Chládek.


We want to create a unique Living Labs project at the fairgrounds, thanks to which we will be able to test and present concepts related not only to sustainability, but also to digitalization and mobility in the long term. The exhibition area is an ideal public space that offers a wide opportunity to test these concepts in the urban intravilan.

Thanks to this project, it will be possible to bring these concepts closer to the public and thus demonstrate the meaning and effectiveness of their use in cities. Visitors to the exhibition centre will have the opportunity to be a direct part of this project and to engage themselves in experimental processes of sustainability and digitisation that have significant potential to make life easier. Our Living lab will also serve as a source of inspiration for public administrations and we hope that this project will be just the beginning.