Participation in South Moravia scored

19. 01. 2024
Author: Nela Kadlečíková

Participation in South Moravia scored

We come from yesterday's festive conference on the 30th anniversary of the National Network of Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic full of impressions and enthusiasm. A year ago, the task of the region was clear - to participate, i.e. to involve citizens in the running of the region. So we set about it. And is it even possible? #jetomozne! 


That's why the South Moravian Region was awarded the "SKOKAN" award of Healthy Cities, Municipalities, Regions 2024 and with it the South Moravian Agency for Public Innovation JINAG for its cooperation in the development of the Healthy South Moravian Region. The award was received at the residence of the Mayor of Prague by the 1st Deputy Governor of the South Moravian Region, Lukáš Dubec, together with our Domain Specialist for Participation, Dagmar Peřinová.

How did we deserve the award?

In 2023, we have made significant progress in participatory activities together, for example by launching the pilot project of participatory budgets in secondary schools Vylepši si školu (Improve Your School), evaluations of subsidy calls, or by organising a series of round tables with the third sector Don't Throw a Fling into the Rye.

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