No one's a prophet at home. Or are they?

13. 11. 2023
Author: Jan Blažek

No one's a prophet at home. Or are they?

Social care is a cornerstone of JINAG's mission, inherently linked with inclusivity.

Realising that we can't aim to make the cities and towns of the South Moravian region more inclusive without addressing our own practices, we've decided to start at the foundation. Today, aligning with the International Day of the Blind, marks our symbolic first step.

In today's digital era, the internet is a lifeline, making web accessibility not just a convenience but a fundamental right. With around 1.2 million people in the Czech Republic living with permanent disabilities, enhancing website and digital service accessibility is imperative.

That's why we're actively redesigning our web presence in partnership with Masaryk University's Teiresias Centre. We aim to eliminate barriers, ranging from page code to graphic elements, and make videos and documents fully accessible.

By adapting our site to meet everyone's needs, we elevate our commitment to inclusivity and contribute to a richer, more accessible digital world. It's not just possible; it's essential."