NEHÁZEJ FLINTU DO ŽITA - Round table for associations from the region of Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou

11. 05. 2023
Author: Patrik Reichl

NEHÁZEJ FLINTU DO ŽITA - Round table for associations from the region of Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou

The new Economic Strategy with a focus on selected areas of the South Moravian Region reminded how important it is to support economically and socially weak regions.

Therefore, please accept our invitation to a roundtable with the Deputy Governor of the South Moravian Region František Lukl on the topic "Don't throw a lottery ticket", organized by the South Moravian Agency for Public Innovation JINAG. Associations play an important role in local communities and their work has invaluable benefits for the development of the area. Join the discussion on how associations can bring positive changes in the peripheral regions of the South Moravian Region. Together, we can find solutions for socially and economically weak regions and activate civil society and participation of local citizens in the development of the region. 

Participants of the 1st round table will be representatives of associations operating in the Hrušovansko region. This region faces social and economic challenges that require a coordinated approach of local communities and civic initiatives. The aim of this roundtable is to activate civil society and local communities to address these challenges and to promote cooperation between associations and public administration. 

Deputy Governor František Lukl, who is in charge of culture and heritage care, will bring his experience in supporting civic activities and associations in the South Moravian Region, as well as practical advice from the leadership of the town of Kyjov, which is known for its traditions and social life. The discussion will focus on how associations can cooperate with public administration and other actors in the area, how they can contribute to the development of the region and what examples of good practice already exist. 


You can also look forward to the event in other regions. Details will be forthcoming.

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