Mobility in the South Moravian Region: The Further It Goes, the Worse It Gets

16. 11. 2023
Author: Jan Blažek

Mobility in the South Moravian Region: The Further It Goes, the Worse It Gets

This statement succinctly captures one of the key points discussed at the inaugural meeting of our expert mobility platform. The further you live from Brno, the worse the transport accessibility in your place of residence.


Recognising this issue, we at JINAG are committed to innovating mobility across the South Moravian Region, from Boskovice to Mikulov.

The meeting convened employees of the Regional Authority, including the bicycle coordinator, representatives of the CTU, the Brno City Hall, the Ministry of Transport, and the non-profit sector. Their collaborative efforts will help us address this challenge comprehensively. We presented our current activities in the field of mobility, encompassing both ongoing projects like our "Safe to Schools" initiative and those in the planning stages. The Agency's strategic mobility objectives for the coming period were also reviewed in a broader plenary session, establishing a consensus on the direction JINAG should pursue.

A key focus of the meeting was the discussion on the upcoming plan for a living lab on mobility and public space. Participants gained valuable insights from different perspectives. This initiative aims to create an ecosystem that supports the creation, testing, and deployment of innovations. It allows for a flexible response to specific challenges in people's lives, ultimately enhancing the quality of life across the region.

In the long term, this effort aims to attract companies and create highly skilled jobs. This aspect of the meeting was seen as crucial for the further development of mobility and innovation.

How did our mobility expert, Jan Tichý, summarise the meeting? "This discussion on innovation, strategic goals, and mobility development in our region was just the first of many. I look forward to future meetings contributing to a better understanding and clearer direction in this area."