It takes so long to go to the water office to get water that an ear is torn off

26. 03. 2024
Author: David Štěpán

It takes so long to go to the water office to get water that an ear is torn off

Are you bothered by official duties? Don't you want to go to the town hall with every little request? Would you like to handle official matters in your municipality electronically? It is possible!

Dealing with official matters can sometimes take up some of everyone's time, whether it's tax returns, change of residence, transfer or registration of a vehicle or paying various fees. This administrative burden is not just for business people, but for everyone, including those who have to administer these items over and over again at the relevant authorities.

However, many of these matters could be handled remotely, in bulk, or even fully automatically. However, the public administration lacks not only the experts but also the motivation to do so.

This is precisely why JINAG is taking up the topic of modern public administration. During our meetings with experts from various fields, we met with experts in public administration, regional development and SMART solutions from MU, the South Moravian Region, MENDELU, JIC, BVV Trade Fairs Brno, Euroregion Pomoravi, Open Cities, as well as representatives of large and small municipalities.

What did we discuss?

We discussed ways to simplify and speed up the handling of administrative matters with the authorities. We discussed increasing the productivity and efficiency of official processes and reducing the administrative burden. We also agreed on the need for greater transparency about the data available to the public administration and how it is handled. All of this will lead to greater accountability and, ultimately, to greater trust in public administration.

We concluded that the biggest problem is the inefficient bureaucracy in small municipalities and the current reluctance to change and lack of IT specialists in public administration. All this is underlined by unmotivating salary tables.

What can we do to break down these barriers?

It's not enough for authorities to go digital when they start drowning in paper. We need to lead continuous digitisation and promote openness in these processes. Moreover, building inter-municipal cooperation has the potential to make the implementation of these innovations more efficient by sharing know-how and using examples of good practice.

However, it is also important to support and build functional communities in municipalities of all sizes. This is the only way for local people to participate in solving these problems.