25. 03. 2024
Author: Dagmar Peřinová


Are you thinking about how to positively influence the future of your community? Are you wondering how to work effectively with citizens? How to "enliven" and engage them? How to let citizens know that you are interested in their ideas, suggestions, activity and feedback? If you have answered YES at least once, come and immerse yourself in an innovative approach to running your municipality = public participation. 

For the year 2024, we have prepared a training programme focused on public participation PARTICaffé in cooperation with the South Moravian Region Healthy Region project and Local Agenda 21.


Why shouldn't you miss this opportunity?

  • We'll explore the basic principles of participation and explain why it's important to involve citizens in planning and decision-making, and how it can benefit you.
  • We will mention situations where participation is simply not appropriate or even possible.
  • We will break down common myths associated with participation and provide facts and real examples to help clear up misunderstandings.
  • We will introduce different methods and tools for participation that you can try out for yourself.
  • We will offer concrete examples from practice where participation has led to successful results, as well as cases where the participatory approach has not worked at all.

What can you expect? 5 training modules that will not leave you idly listening to a "mono" lecturer's explanation! Take a look at the attached invitation with the programme.
The program will be tailored to your exact needs. We will work with specific examples from your practice to find ways to engage the public together.
Therefore, come to the 1st module, which will take place on 4 April 2024 in the building of the JMK Administrative and Training Centre, Cejl 530/73, 601 82 Brno, room 121, from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (with the possibility of extension until 2:00 p.m.). 
Due to the limited capacity of the programme, please register here.