"Improve your school" with school participatory budgeting

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The implementation of the school participatory budget is a great opportunity for South Moravian secondary schools that want to involve students themselves. The pilot project called "Improve Your School" is designed to develop financial literacy, critical thinking, presentation skills, and civic engagement among high school students. Lukáš Dubec, Deputy Governor of the South Moravian Region, came up with the idea for such a project.

"Improve your school" with school participatory budgeting "Improve your school" with school participatory budgeting


Participatory budgeting gives students and staff the opportunity to express their views and preferences on how the school should develop.


The students work together to think about how to improve the school environment or teaching, and what is important and necessary for them. They learn to work together, listen to each other's opinions, find joint solutions and consensus. They create specific projects up to the maximum allocation of the school's participatory budget, which they submit to the school management for consideration and then present to other students. They then use online voting to select a winner, which will be implemented later in the school year.


The South Moravian Region has prepared a subsidy package for the first six pilot secondary schools. It contains an amount that students at each school can spend. And they themselves think of what to spend it on. The projects that get the most support from the students at the school will win and will implement.

What does this mean for people?

High school students will be actively involved in the event. They will make decisions on how to handle the financial budget, thus developing their soft skills. 

Current progress

Six South Moravian secondary schools are currently undergoing pilot testing.

Project name Improve your school
Grant provider Jihomoravský kraj
Project coordinator JINAG
Implementation period 10-2023/06-2024

Responsible for this project


Domain Specialist for Participation

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