GreenGov Project: a guide to green finance

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The climate commitment is an increasingly frequent topic in public administration. Environmental protection is beginning to emerge as one of the main conditions of EU-funded projects. However, navigating European legislation can sometimes be difficult and overwhelming for smaller local authorities. In early April, the GreenGov project is being launched to help regions understand the EU taxonomy and thus improve project funding in places that are floundering on sustainability.

Thanks to the international cooperation within the project led by the Interreg Europe programme, we at JINAG have the opportunity to learn from leaders in the field and set policy instruments in direct relation to European objectives.


GreenGov Project: a guide to green finance GreenGov Project: a guide to green finance


Nowadays, climate commitment is at the heart of the policies of many European regions and their local authorities, so it is important to raise awareness of sustainability and the associated rules and legislation. This will ensure that local authorities in European regions are prepared for this change and can target their projects to meet all sustainability standards.


Not all economic activities are sustainable and can be funded by the EU. The EU Taxonomy classifies an activity and its impact on six environmental objectives, one of which is the DNSH principle, which states that a project must not harm any of the other objectives of the Taxonomy. This illustrates the relatively strict sustainability conditions set for the use of EU funding.


Within GreenGov, we will connect with eight partner countries from different regions to exchange experiences and share our own best practices on green finance. Together we will create a guide to the EU taxonomy and help local public authorities to adapt their strategies and finance their projects in a sustainable way.

What does this mean for people?

The climate aspects of public investment are expected to become the number one issue. This is particularly true for the South Moravian Region, as one of the regions most affected by climate change. At JINAG, we have a team of experts and, together with our partners, we have extensive know-how that we offer to the regional administration, for example through our cooperation on the Climate Action Plan. It is therefore crucial that we also provide the necessary funding for sustainability projects and related expertise where regional resources are not sufficient. This is the only way to do our best to mitigate the impacts of climate change and prepare our region for the challenges ahead.

Current progress

The GreenGov project itself will be launched on 1 April 2024. The first meeting with partners will take place on 16-17 April at a joint Kick-off meeting, where we will define the framework for cooperation and set common goals.

Project name GreenGov
Grant Provider Interreg Europe
Project coordinator JINAG
Implementation period 04/2024-6/2028

Responsible for this project

Nikola Řezáčová

Project Coordinator