EVVO Forum: Creativity For The Environment

07. 06. 2024
Author: Zuzana Novotná

EVVO Forum: Creativity For The Environment

The event focused on the topics of environmental education in the South Moravian Region and presented examples of good practice, where environmental education is already working and where students or pupils themselves come up with it. It also addressed the possibilities of financing EVVO activities and how to apply for support.

The students themselves presented their projects on behalf of Bishop's Grammar School Brno. They presented, for example, the implementation of the reconstruction of the school lobby using green walls, the school pond or the SWAP initiative, which created a space for the exchange of unnecessary clothes and accessories.

At the Židlochovice Primary School, students use a teaching garden, which they take care of themselves and develop project plans for its development. For example, an ornamental rock garden or a tactile path were created under their supervision.

Examples of urban management and an unconventional conference venue were presented by the Open Garden in Brno. It is a space adapted for environmental education. Children learn about natural processes through interactive garden elements called the four elements or about efficient soil management in the nature garden - https://www.otevrenazahrada.cz/

The local action group MAS Brána Vysočiny presented its initiatives for the gradual implementation of the plan to reduce CO2 production. To this end, they organise, for example, seminars for residents on energy saving and efficient energy management. They also work with children and young people to raise awareness. They are also involved in a project to promote local production called Living Region or teach the public how to take care of the public green spaces in their neighbourhood. https://zalejme.cz/

A natural garden of five elements (and great tenacity). Their goal is food self-sufficiency and a year-round supply of ingredients from the garden directly into the kitchen. The public can rent part of the garden for their activities. The garden also collaborates with the Jiri Mahen Library in Brno on the Reading Outside program, and children have the opportunity to discover the garden's bounty in the Who I Am program. You can find out what the garden is like this weekend during the Open Gardens Weekend -http://www.zahrada5elementu.cz/

Veronica Foundation dedicated to the conservation of nature, landscape and the environment. During the EVVO Forum they mainly talked about sustainable fashion, upcycling or reuse also working with fashion designers and students who for example designed bags from used packaging material - https://nadace.veronica.cz

Velké Opatovice introduced the EKOkoutek, which was created to support education, but also culture and tourism. A natural classroom made of willow buildings, complete with interactive elements and a butterfly meadow.

In Rosice, they built a nature trail called the Vanishing Landscape as part of the restoration of dirt roads and hiking trails. The trail is unique due to the use of transparent polycarbonate panels through which the hiker can see what the landscape may have looked like 50-100 years ago and what it looks like now.

Representatives of the South Moravian Region, the Ministry of the Environment and the State Environmental Fund informed about the subsidy possibilities for supporting investment and non-investment projects in the field of environmental education and awareness, for which the South Moravian Region has allocated the amount of 4 millions CZK.

At the end, the participants took part in a workshop to awaken their creativity. Together, they created a "package" of EVVO mini-projects on Earth Day, Enviro Circle, School Learning Garden and EVVO activity in public space.

As part of the event, participants also took part in a competition for a CoolRegion sweatshirt.