Do you have parents of retirement age? Then watch out

08. 10. 2023
Author: Jan Blažek

Do you have parents of retirement age? Then watch out

Are you trying to figure out how to make life better for your soon-to-be 80-year-old dad? Does anyone in the family need psychiatric care but is not getting it because he is understaffed in that area? Or are you simply interested in the involvement of modern digital technology in social and health services in our county?

More heads know. So we sought answers to these and other questions at our first meeting of the Expert Working Group on Innovation in Social and Health Innovation. It took place this week and we were delighted to meet with experts from VIM - Educational Institute for Moravia, Silesian Diakonia, Záchranka App, Centre for Digital Medicine Masaryk Institute of Oncology Brno and other inspiring personalities. 

Would you guess what the experts miss the most?  Definitely the interconnection of systems and information between social and health services, as well as the sharing of information with each other. A widely discussed topic that raises high hopes (and no less concern) is the use of artificial intelligence, and hence telemedicine. 

As JINAG, we want to help in this field, as social and health care in the South Moravian Region is one of our priorities.

A good old age after a long quality life? IT IS POSSIBLE.