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Between May and October 2023, in cooperation with the South Moravian Region, we organized a series of round tables "Don't throw in the towel" with associations and civic organizations of the 3rd sector in selected non-Brno regions of the South Moravian Region that have been define as economically and socially vulnerable. These are the areas of Velkoveličsko, Hrušovansko, Vranovsko, around Moravský Krumlov, Ivanovice na Hané and Velke Opatovice. 

Do not throw in the towel Do not throw in the towel


The fact that certain areas in the South Moravian Region face more significant challenges than others does not imply they are culturally backward. Quite the opposite! We have strived to support those who, despite the unfavourable economic situation, contribute to their region through their activities. They activate citizens, enrich the culture, and strengthen community bonds. We have identified their concerns, the elements hindering their activities, what could assist them, and ways to enhance cooperation between public administration (the region) and third-sector organizations.


Social activities have a significant impact on the development of local communities and contribute positively to the growth of the entire region. Our aim was to facilitate dialogue between public administration representatives from the South Moravian Region and association representatives. Another goal was to activate civil society and gather feedback on the types of assistance or support that would effectively aid the activities of civic associations and initiatives. Currently, we are planning to implement some of the key outcomes from the round tables, which will soon be included in our list of projects.


We are advocates of open cooperation. Only the direct actors on the ground know their village and community best. They know what they need and what is bothering them. We know how we can help them do something about it. Public involvement (participation) allows for a deeper understanding of the problem, ensures greater effectiveness in finding solutions, and increases trust in joint decisions. That is why representatives of the South Moravian Region also came to the round tables with us. Mr. František Lukl, Deputy Minister, and Mr. Pavel Fišer, Head of the Department, attended round tables in June. Deputy Minister Lukáš Dubec accompanied us at the autumn round tables.

What does this mean for people?

Meeting with us and a representative from the public administration can encourage associations to break down the barriers and showed them that they are not on their own. They can first-hand experience that they don't have to throw in the towel.

Current progress

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