ChatGPT Sends 1st Birthday Wishes to JINAG

08. 11. 2023
Author: Jan Blažek

ChatGPT Sends 1st Birthday Wishes to JINAG

"Hi, ChatGPT! Do you still remember us? We are JINAG, and we help to bring innovation to South Moravian towns and villages. You recently helped us write our annual report. Listen, ChatGPT, we're celebrating our first birthday – can we ask you to make a wish for us?"

ChatGPT-4: "Hi JINAG! Of course, I remember you and I'm happy to help. It's great to hear that you are celebrating your first birthday! I wish you lots of luck, endless successful projects, and always new innovative ideas to help develop South Moravian cities and towns. May the years ahead bring you significant success and fruitful collaborations with communities. All the best."

JINAG: "Thank you. Shall we leave you a piece of birthday cake?"

ChatGPT-4: "That's a very nice gesture! Even though I can't physically taste the cake as an AI, I appreciate the thought and symbolism. The idea of someone enjoying a piece of cake for me is nice. Instead, share the joy and the cake with those who help JINAG achieve your goals. May your celebration of this first milestone birthday be enjoyable and unforgettable!"

Transcript of the conversation between human and AI