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In February, we were in Moravské Krumlov under the auspices of the Governor of the South Moravian Region
we organized the first Association Day, which included a conference with the participation of local associations and groups that contribute to the development of culture and life in our region. Participants of the event, which was free of charge, were offered a rich accompanying programme, including regional information booths, games and tastings of local produce.

Association day Association day


Participation is one of the key areas we are working on. We therefore wanted to encourage
all those who are involved in activities that contribute to the development of our region. Getting involved
of these stakeholders enables effective solutions to local problems and contributes to strengthening
dialogue between citizens and local authorities.


Who else can understand the issues at the local level than the members of these communities? Through the active participation of local associations, pressing issues can be addressed effectively and in a timely manner issues that plague our region.


At the Federal Day we provided the public with a space for discussion with representatives of the public administration on various topics related to life in the region. Associations had the opportunity to present their activities, to network with each other or to inform themselves about the possibilities of financing their activities, for example through subsidies. In addition, admission to the event was free and we provided a varied programme for the whole day.

What does this mean for people?

The active involvement of local associations, organisations and other actors contributes to the improvement of living conditions for all of us. Moreover, deepening dialogue with public administration helps to target support and funding where it is most needed.

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