Transformation of social services Habrovanský zámek

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Nine contributory organisations of the South Moravian Region are entering or are in the process of transforming social services for people with disabilities. In this process, we bring an emphasis on participation and transparent communication.

Transformation of social services Habrovanský zámek  Transformation of social services Habrovanský zámek


People with disabilities have the right to live a normal life, to be part of a community, to have the opportunity to play different social roles and to receive support or care according to their individual needs. The aim of the transformation is to enable people with disabilities who currently live in institutional settings to live a normal life. The whole process must be communicated and addressed clearly with those affected.


The process of transforming social services is a process of changing attitudes and thinking, changing the place and form of social service provision, but also of continuous participatory work with clients, staff, family members and the public. The whole process is project-managed by the South Moravian Region.


We enter into cooperation with the South Moravian Region in the project management of the overall process of transformation of social services for a specific project of transformation of the service provider Habrovanský zámek

What does this mean for people?

People now living in institutional social service facilities will become full citizens of the existing or new community. They will have the opportunity to self-develop, increase their self-sufficiency and live according to their needs. For the municipalities and the South Moravian Region, successful transformation processes mean fulfilling the obligation arising from the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, increasing the belonging and ethical credit of the society. New capacities of community social services will be created in municipalities, which can be prospectively used for people in need of care and support of residential services and coming from home environment (people with disabilities, seniors).

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