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As part of JINAG, we aim to launch a social and health portal for the South Moravian Region that aligns with our vision of consolidating everything in one place. This platform will prove advantageous for the general public, caregivers, social and health service providers, as well as municipalities.Furthermore, the portal will be accessible through a mobile application, enabling clients to conveniently access information and utilize platform functions from their smartphones or tablets

Social Health Portal Social Health Portal


Is it challenging to access information on prevention, support, or care? Are you unaware of the available support in various life situations? These are the primary gaps that we observe and motivate us to take action. We are addressing the absence of an information portal for accessible social health support, a deficiency particularly felt by caregivers, individuals in need of assistance, social and health service providers, as well as the South Moravian Region and municipalities.


The Healthcare portal will serve as a comprehensive information and communication platform, offering citizens and caregivers in the South Moravian Region valuable information about social and health services available in the area. The portal's objective is to enhance awareness among the residents of the South Moravian Region regarding the existing options for prevention, support, and care, as well as the availability of new technologies in this field.


The portal will collect and visualize data and information about social and health services offered in the South Moravian Region in a comprehensible manner. Additionally, it will furnish essential advice on navigating various life situations and offer information on accessible sources of support and assistance. We are collaborating on this project with entities such as the South Moravian Region and the International Clinical Research Centre of St. Anne's University Hospital in Brno (FNUSA-ICRC).

What does this mean for people?


The portal will provide citizens in the South Moravian Region with access to information on health and social services, presenting an overview of available services based on location, focus, and response to various life situations. It will also incorporate access to preventive and screening programs, serving as a centralized platform to connect patients with opportunities for clinical trials. Ultimately, the portal aims to evolve into a gateway for personal client/patient documentation

Current progress


The project is currently in the preparatory phase. You will be informed in due course about its launch and the official name of the portal.

Project name HealthCare Portal
Grant provider Jihomoravský kraj
Project coordinator JINAG
Implementation period since 08/2023

Responsible for this project


Services Team Leader