Despite increased support for rural areas, the trend towards depopulation of rural areas, especially in the peripheral parts of the regions, has not been reversed. This issue also concerns the Czech-Austrian border area. That is why JINAG implemented the DigiVill project with the aim of changing or at least mitigating this trend.

Digivill Digivill


This has been achieved through the use of digitalisation in public administration. The project was supported by the INTERREG V-A AT-CZ programme.


Representatives of municipalities from the South Moravian Region, the South Bohemian Region, the Vysočina Region and Lower Austria participated in large numbers in educational seminars on the topic of cybersecurity, administration and communication on social networks, functionalities of modern websites, electronic tools for teamwork and the possibility of creating public spaces. These theoretical as well as practical sessions led by professional lecturers were complemented by presentations of good practices from successful mayors and excursions to see these examples. A two-day Digitisation Symposium was then held in Austria to draw inspiration from foreign experiences. In addition, the meeting of mayors was complemented by analytical documents on available tools for communication between municipalities and citizens and a report on their use, resulting from an extensive questionnaire survey.

What does this mean for people?

The declared evaluation of municipal tools in the municipalities of the Vysočina, South Moravian and South Bohemian Regions is a manifestation of progress in the use of digital tools. Thanks to the outputs and participation in the educational process of the project, for example, the complex information system was modernised in the municipality of Okříšky, in Blatnice pod svatým Antonínkem the functioning and communication on the municipal Facebook was adjusted and made more effective, in Telnice changes were commissioned for the preparation of a new web portal thanks to the project, in Pozořice they included Instagram in the communication portfolio or in Čepřovice they optimised the preparation of a mobile application. 

This is just an outline of the concrete impacts in the territory. We will be happy to provide you with more details about the outcomes of the workshops, analyses and implemented projects. If you are interested, please contact Petra - petra.balga@jinag.eu.


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