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Digitalization is increasingly becoming an integral part of our lives. Even for seniors, who often grew up in an era when computers and the internet did not exist, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to navigate the digital world. It can make it easier for them to communicate with loved ones, access information and services, or even work. That's why we are launching the "Digital Assistant Network" project, which aims to help seniors use their smart devices. However, we are not embarking on this project alone. The Wise Network itself is participating with us

Digital assistant network Digital assistant network



Digitalization is an inevitable trend that affects us all. It can help seniors stay in touch with loved ones, navigate the world more easily, and live a better quality of life. The elderly are one of the groups who may be concerned not only with the use of modern technology but also with their learning. The low digital skills of older people can lead to or contribute to their social isolation, feelings of loneliness, or fear of using smart devices. We want to support seniors in learning new skills and show that it is still possible to learn how to use modern technology and be socially active.


The main objective of the project is to enhance the digital skills of seniors in the South Moravian Region through a network of digital assistants. The digital assistants will primarily consist of volunteers from among students of secondary and higher vocational schools, grammar schools, colleges, and universities.


The digital assistant network helps seniors integrate into the digital world, specifically by assisting them in using their own smart devices correctly and safely. The assistants help with the selection, installation, setup, and troubleshooting of technical issues that seniors may encounter. Support for seniors occurs during in-person visits or through remote IT support. And what do we strive for the most? For seniors themselves to become digital assistants, helping other seniors use smart devices.

What does this mean for people?


Seniors will be able to control their smart devices and will no longer feel confused in the digital world. With more personalized care and the support of a digital assistant, seniors will feel more confident and increase their courage to work with modern technology. Additionally, digital assistants will receive a certificate that they can use as a reference for school or employment. By working with seniors, they deepen their knowledge of their needs in the field of modern technology, enhance their communication skills, and develop emotional intelligence or respect for old age. Thus, there is an intergenerational connection, learning, and mutual assistance.

Current progress

We are already starting! Currently, we are reaching out to schools in search of digital assistants. If you would like to become a digital assistant or if you have a senior citizen who could use an assistant, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Project name Digital assistant network
Grant provider JINAG
Project coordinator JINAG
Implementation period 01-2024/12-2024


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