About us

"The difference between a dreamer and a visionary
is that the dreamer keeps his eyes closed,
while the visionary's eyes are open."

Martin Luther King

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Our mission

We create new ways and ways of solving problems in the functioning of public administration in South Moravia. We raise the region. And what is the main thing? We are trying to raise the standard of living of South Moravians.

We bring innovation to the region

We bring to the region successful solutions from the Czech meadows and groves, but also from abroad. These are projects that actually work and help people. Municipal activities do not have to be only about administration, but they can also move things forward.

We connect successful solutions

It's all about communication. That's why we are creating a platform where representatives of municipalities and people from different institutions and companies can talk and meet each other. Sharing experiences leads to smooth project implementation.

Improving the quality of life in municipalities

Through innovative and effective solutions, we are improving life across the county. We are the only innovation agency that focuses on life in urban conurbations and rural areas.

Our team

Jakub Hlubinka

Domain Specialist for Energy

Dita Tesařová

Domain Specialist for Climate

Zdenka Slámová

Domain Specialist for Participation

Nikola Řezáčová

Project Coordinator

Jolana Demková


Tereza Rajchlová


Nela Kadlečíková

Marketing Specialist


Data Analyst


HR Specialist

Adam Gajdoš

Designer and Facilitator

We cooperate